Wednesday, July 21, 2010

head first

i hate blogs.

i won't lie. they bother me.
i feel like most are a competition of who can be the most creative, have the best photos, or stories...
...yet, here i am. diving in head first.
i guess i just feel like i might have something to contribute. maybe a mom will be on her computer at 2am thinking no one out there understands what she is going through...then she will read my blog...and feel so much better. :) or something...

so here it goes.

this blog is dedicated to all women. single, dating, married, divorced...who are trying to conceive, pregnant, or have babies/toddlers/youths/teens.

enjoy. <3

macie: "mommy! mommy! mommy! mommy!" me: "yes, macie?" macie: "i want you to squish 'baby tummy' out now, please?" :D