Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fat Bridesmaid

Well it has begun.

The quest to end my being the "Fat Bridesmaid"...I have a friends wedding coming up in June and need to lose at least 10 to 15lbs to fit into my already purchased dress. Yep...I bought a smaller size. Hoping it would motivate me. Yet, for whatever reason...I continued to sit on my ass and do nothing. I true fat girl! Hahaha. Anyway. Wedding aside...I really do want to lose 50lbs for MYSELF. I have always been small...but for the past 5 years I "let myself go"(and had 3 babies in the last 3 years) and well, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I know I can be small again. I am 5'3"...and yes, I'm going to tell you how much I weigh...167lbs. I used to weigh 120lbs. I'm only 27. I should be able to bounce back. So, I figured posting all the dirty details, and letting you readers bug me would motivate me more. :) Today was Day 2 of my quest, so far so good! I have done power walking with sprints, and riding my bike for 30 minutes. Plus, cutting out ALL SODA (eeek!) ALL FRIED FOOD(double-eeek!) and ALL UNNECESSARY JUNK(Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!). Sigh...what the heck and I getting myself into? 8/

So here is the plan:

Workout walking/jogging/biking Monday-Friday(Saturday if I can) for at LEAST 30 minutes. Add strength training when the first 10 or 15lbs are OFF.

Lose 10lbs by June 19th. If not 15...

Lose 40lbs by December 19th. (Yes, that is a HUGE amount of time...)

Lose 50lbs total and KEEP IT OFF.

This is a lifestyle change. I want to be HEALTHY, TRIM, and a better Mom and Wife because of it. I deserve this. I don't have to be a fat bridesmaid, or that Mom who gives up just because she has kids. It's NOT an excuse. Nope. It's ON!!

Thoughts on today: I am TIRED...but I feel good! It's amazing how quickly the body responds to MOVEMENT. (lol) The hard thing is waking up at 6:30, going to work where I do physical things...then coming home and having to ignore my babies and husband to work out. All in was good. If I can do 2 days in a row...I can do 3, and 4, and 5, and so on...just need to KEEP MOTIVATED!!!

Oh, a word of advice for anyone who is planning on or in the midst of starting a new work out regimen...GET A REALLY GOOD DEODORANT...learned that one the hard way...

Well...time to make dinner! Let's hope I can keep in healthy!

Thanks for reading. -Jamie