Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 3

So today was pretty much the same as yesterday...But it is H O T outside. I started to feel lightheaded and dizzy, and then felt like I was going to puke. :X But I kept going...I just made sure to drink lots of water when I got home.

...I have to say it's pretty awkward walking/jogging/biking through my neighborhood! I guess no one on my block works, because EVERYONE is sitting outside and they stare at me as I pass by. I know they can hear me panting...and I'm sure seeing my fat butt jiggle in my leggings is a sight and a half... :P Oh well, one of these days I will pass by and nothing will be jiggling that they can see from their P.O.V.!!! :) That is the goal! I'm just a little concerned I won't be able to take the heat... Going to have to find something else to do or somewhere to work out.

Well Josh has a graduation from a class he was taking with church tonight. Wish me luck on not eating all the carb and sugar loaded food! I'm hoping there are lots of veggies or salad!!! :)

3 days down...45 to go! I CAN DO IT!!!

Thanks for reading. -Jamie