Monday, August 2, 2010

illness. awkward pregnancy symptoms. a laughing matter?

i'm peeing like a man with a swollen prostate. it takes me a good 5 minutes to empty my bladder completely, and then 20 minutes later, i have to do it again. :/ my uterus is so heavy that my bladder is a complete pancake. :# i laugh every time i go pee...thankfully...just gotta keep laughing. orrrrrr i might go even more CUH-razy than i already am. :D

i've been sick for a handful of days now. sore throat. fatigue...yadda, yadda, yadda. now my thyroid is swollen. feels like a huge marble jammed in my windpipe. bleh! you know...just in case dealing with all my pregancy syptoms wasn't enough for me. raWr!

macie is fully potty trained. :) she can go all on her own. get's her little step stool, does her thing, flushes, washes her hands all on her own. :D soooo nice to not have to change 2 sets of diapers!!! too bad i'll be back to it in a matter of weeks. :P oh well, a break is always nice.

odessa is walking. :) she started the day of my amazing baby shower that my friend amber moe threw for me. a mad hatter tea party! :D so much fun! i <3 alice in wonderland. she is still a little bit shy about it, tries to cheat by holding on to things, but she's got it! it's so great being a stay at home mom. getting to witness all these milestones. :)

ahhhh my ears just popped! yessssss. sweeeet relief! i hate when my ears are all plugged. throws me off. bleh...

well, time to "cook" dinner. pb&j or mac 'n' cheese again? thank God for frozen veggies too...:P