Sunday, February 27, 2011


life. such a small word, for such a big thing.

so many challenges. today was one of those "i don't know if i can do this" days. then to top it off, i got on here and realized i can't even blog without there being a challenge. i'm either "saying too much", "not enough", or i'm being hurtful and judgmental.


i started a blog to share my life, and to GET REAL. so, i guess i just have to apologize in advance for everything i'm going to say. i'm not going to "tip-toe" around. i just want to be able to share what i'm feeling and either help someone in the process who might be going through the same things, or i just want people to get a good laugh and say to themselves "thank goodness it's her and not me!".


i honestly never really know what to say when i get on here. :P

here's a story of one of my challenges for the day, and a "thank goodness it's her and not me" moment.

all my girls can generally nap at the same time. which is nice. it's usually only a matter of minutes before at least one of them wakes up, so i do what i can to either relax, or get things done. today i opted for car searching on line. at this point, macie, my 3 year old was asleep...about 40 minutes later i heard her get up and start playing. i decided i would wait 20 more minutes and then get her up. should have just gotten her got really quiet, so i went in to check on her and oh. em. gee.
POOP. everywhere.
she stripped, pooped, finger-painted, and made poop pies. yep. now hear me! i take pride in the fact that my girls really don't do stuff life this. it's the occasional crayon on the wall, or sippycup spills...but not POOP on the wall and toys!!! i was LIVID. i flew off the handle. scared the crap out of macie. and spent the next 2 hours cleaning while the poor kid cried and said i'm sorry over and over.
for reals. life got ugly today. life looked me in the face and said "POW! you're a MOM! now, SUCK on THAT!".
everything settled down...and macie and i had a LONG talk, and we worked it out. (i still have a lot of stains to scrub...:P) all in all...i'm tired. :)

all this to say. even though life can REALLY be poopy(pun intended) i wouldn't give it up for anything. i love my life. i love my girls. to the end and beyond. poop and all. :)

speaking of pooooooooop......::sniffsniff::...oh, lillian.........