Monday, July 26, 2010

over it

i still have 2 full months before the baby is due. . .

. . .i'm so over it. the mood swings are out of control. & so is macie.

today she thought that ignoring every single word i said would be a great idea! >:[ normally, i would be posting a blog all about discipline tactics...but today...i'm crying out for help!

please share any and all ideas on how to control a 2 year old with a temper!!!

on a lighter note...Odessa can say: taco, book, thank you, dada, & mama (when she feels like it) is so cute to watch macie try to get her to talk. :) i just hope macie doesn't teach her to say "you a b". . . . .

. . . .siiiiigh. . . .off to my BED.

enseignez-moi à aimer quand je ne peux pas

goodnight neverland.