Friday, July 23, 2010

cupcakes for breakfast

i love cupcakes.
a little bit TOO much.
so much so, that this morning i ate 2 for breakfast. yep. don't judge! you know you've done it too. at least ONCE in your life! :) nothing like a tall, freezing cold glass of milk, and a warm, moist(yeah, i said it...) sweet, frosted cupcake of glory in my mouth!!! much for a healthy pregnancy diet. psshhh..whateves!

macie tattled on odessa today. it went like this: me-"macie! please stay out of the cupboard! you need to obey mommy and daddy's rules!" macie-"okay mommy" ... ... ... then i hear this: macie-"odessa! dessie! dessa! no! no! no! no!" me-"what's going on, macie? why are you yelling at your sister?" macie-"odessaaaa waaaaaas breakiiiing the RUUULLLESSSS!!!" "mommyyyyyyyyyyy! dessa is naughty and breaking the rules" and it had begun.

in other news, macie has pink eye. woke up, was getting her dressed, and realised something was a bit off...what could it b...OH! dear lord!!! macie's right eye was swollen so badly she looked like she was stung by a bee or something. along with the gooey eye boogers. ugh. ::shudders:: had to do hot compress and call the doctor. ::sigh:: there went my day...30 minutes in the waiting room, a care bear sticker, and $50 bucks in prescriptions later we were home and thus began the battle to get macie to nap. that's a whole different blog...::yawns::...thinking about it makes me even more tired than i already am.

odessa can now say thank you. it sounds like this: "dank-doo" lol. yeah. DANK, and DOO. LOL!!! :D

morals to my stories. 1)totally not healthy, but eat cupcakes for breakfast sometime soon. 2)even if you think you wash your kids hands enough already...wash them more. and be more diligent to wash bedding, toys, stuffed animals, etc. cause pink is lurking! 3)it doesn't matter how old your child on enunciation or else you get poo words...which...quite frankly is hilarious. :)

oh, and. parents. get your adult Pertussis(Whooping Cough) vaccine! it's going around. pretty bad. like, epidemic status. for real.

off to bed. time to go battle the night!!!