Thursday, July 22, 2010

no sleep. long day. bad words.

today has been pretty eventful...
...woke up early...been cleaning like a mad woman. in the process, discovered a nice collection of crumbs and old splattered oatmeal under macie's chair. ::gags:: spent about an hour and half trying to scrub off blue marker from the walls in the corner of your apartment. perfect little hiding spot for a 2 year old...grrrr.

had to do the dreaded Glucose test this morning as well. hoping for good results with that. no diabetes for me, thaaaaank YOU!

my word i am tiiiireeeeed. waking up every half hour to turn over really puts a damper on the whole "getting rest" situation. i have a nice pregnancy symptom called "Symphisis Pubis Disfunction" or SPD. Yeah. It's as bad as it sounds. Basically it feels like someone is trying to rip me apart by my "pirates" (that's what my daughter calls her private parts...) a nice firery, burning sensation, pulling, tearing, popping, cracking...ugh. rolling over takes about 2 to 5 minutes. yep. on top of waking up every few hours to take TUMS. i have acid reflux. i nice burst of lava shoots up into my throat. it's fantastic. i know, i know. i sound like a whiny brat...but let's be honest. being pregnant sucks. i am so grateful for the chance to be doing this again for a third time...but seriously...i feel like i'm going to die.

for those who read this and are pregnant: to ease the pain of SPD i soak in a tub full of epsom salts, stretch, and do pelvic tilts. for the acid relfux, tums. lot's of em. i don't recommend the use of anything like Pepcid, or Prilosec OTC, etc. i had a HORRID reaction to these meds.

my husband. i love him. a lot. i especially love him with our daughters. not so much when he teaches them to say "bad words". in my house, all kinds of things can be a bad word. today, he told my daughter to say "you a "B"!!!". yep. b. as in....bitch. not to say the actual word, but just the letter B. okay, not sooooo bad. but i can't wait for her to be in Sunday school yelling that at the teacher! he even posted that she said it on Facebook. ::slaps hand on forhead:: anyone care to share their standards on bad words??

uh oh...meltdown. gotta run.



  1. Oh geeze, that sounds awful! Both the complications & Josh being a "great" influence!

    (ps can you allow the Name/URL option for comments so I can comment w/o having to use my google account?)

  2. thanks for having me over yesterday. We made some ice cream and are getting the hang of it. It will take a few batches, but will get it down soon. You guys were awesome yesterday!

  3. HIIIII JAMAY!!!!!

    My sympathies to you, for all your suffering, and may they stop post haste. When is your due date dearie?

    I sort of think that all bad words, implied or shortened, should be off limits for as long as possible. They pick it up, there's no stopping that...That's what I think. I in my Non parent state. I'm a nanny though! Thats got to count as something with some sort of level of knowledge! Right?