Monday, July 26, 2010

over it

i still have 2 full months before the baby is due. . .

. . .i'm so over it. the mood swings are out of control. & so is macie.

today she thought that ignoring every single word i said would be a great idea! >:[ normally, i would be posting a blog all about discipline tactics...but today...i'm crying out for help!

please share any and all ideas on how to control a 2 year old with a temper!!!

on a lighter note...Odessa can say: taco, book, thank you, dada, & mama (when she feels like it) is so cute to watch macie try to get her to talk. :) i just hope macie doesn't teach her to say "you a b". . . . .

. . . .siiiiigh. . . .off to my BED.

enseignez-moi à aimer quand je ne peux pas

goodnight neverland.


  1. If we weren't going to be out of town until next Thursday, I'd totally take Macie off your hands for something like story time at the library & other activities. We'll have to arrange something when we get back -- seriously! It can be a weekly thing even.

  2. I'm always free to watch her for you as well, I'm just right down the street and a call away